Season 2 of Relative Race returns to BYUtv on March 5 with all new teams, and “the race that’s unlike any other” brings even more twists and turns. Who will make it to the finish line? What new family discoveries will they make along the way? Which team has what it takes to win it all? The match is back on to find relatives, compete, navigate, run, and outsmart the competition to win $50,000.


Last month we officially announced the new teams for Relative Race. Season 2 follows these four couples on their incredible 10-day journey to find family and make connections. We know that fans are anxious to know more about our contestants and can’t wait for the season premiere on March 5 at 7 PM MT. Below are the bios and video introductions for each of our amazing teams.


Team Black

Joe and Madison Greer — Portland, OR

This stylish Portland pair met each other on Instagram: Madison is a fashion blogger, Joe works as a media director, and both are prolific photographers who love to travel. The Greers want to fill in missing information about Joe’s side of the family.



Team Green

Justin and Brittany Stuart — Colorado Springs, CO

Justin runs a popular YouTube channel where he pulls hilarious family-friendly pranks. Brittany crafts incredible works of wearable art. These go-getting Coloradans are up for any challenge the race brings.


Team Red

Leo and Rolexis Schinsing — New Orleans, LA

The Schinsings are the fun-loving parents of two little ones. Leo is an operator at a thermal plant, and Rolexis is a makeup artist. The couple is hoping to find adventure and win money to renovate their New Orleans home.



Team Blue

Duley and Kyla Williams — Smyrna, TN

You might recognize the Williams as the Tennessee relatives from Season 1 who wanted Team Red to sleep in a tent—now they’re back on the show to compete! Duley is a graphic designer, and Kyla cares for the couple’s children full-time.




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